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What is Connect 2 Learn?                

Enterprise City Schools is committed to moving students and staff forward in a 21st century learning environment. That’s why we have committed to allowing students to Connect 2 Learn during the school day by allowing them to Bring Their Own Digital Device (BYOD). Our Connect 2 Learn Learning Initiative allows students to bring their own digital devices to school to encourage achievement, engagement and developing 21st Century Learners. Enterprise City Schools is preparing for your child’s future by implementing this learning initiative. We have committed funding for network upgrades and professional development for teachers and staff to begin to incorporate these digital tools into their daily instruction. With this initiative, and under the direction of classroom teachers, students will be allowed to access our filtered wireless network using their own mobile devices during the school day.

Beginning September 2013, our Connect 2 Learn Learning Initiative will be implemented across the district. This initiative will start with six (6) Engaged schools: Enterprise High School, Dauphin Jr. High School, Enterprise Jr. High School, Rucker Blvd. Elementary, Holly Hill Elementary and Hillcrest Elementary. During fall 2013, all other schools, termed Ignite schools, will receive training in project-based learning in preparation for full implementation during the second semester of the 2013-14 school year.

Please know that our first priority of this initiative is to provide a safe and secure environment for your child. This handbook is designed to provide our educational community with guidelines and information to make our Connect 2 Learn Learning Initiative successful.

Enterprise City Schools looks forward to continued success for our children as we strive to produce productive citizens that will make a difference in our society.

BYOD Definition

Enterprise City Schools defines BYOD as a privately-owned, Internet capable electronic mobile device that can be used during the school day to increase student engagement and facilitate learning. Under teacher supervision, students may use their own device in the classroom to enhance student learning.

Connectivity & Safety

Enterprise City Schools believes that Internet Safety is of utmost importance. As such, all students who bring devices to school to use as part of the Connect 2 Learn Learning Initiative should connect to the BOE-BYOD network. Teachers and administrators will provide students with the password for this network. By using the BOE-BYOD network, this will ensure that BYOD devices have appropriate network filters and comply with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Students will only use the BOE-BYOD network in school.   Any attempt to bypass the network by using 3G or 4G cellular data network will be considered a policy violation resulting in loss of BYOD privileges.   Students and parents should be aware that data is being recorded as to sites visited by each device.   Additionally, as part of this initiative, teachers will incorporate digital citizenship as part of their instruction.

Security and Damages

Enterprise City Schools is not liable for any device that is stolen or damaged. Ultimately, the responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner. However, if a device is stolen or damaged, it will be handled through the administrative office similar to other personal artifacts that are impacted in similar situations. Devices will need to be labeled with personal markings to physically identify your child’s device from others. Additionally, a protective case for the device is suggested.

Teachers’ Role

Teachers are facilitators of instruction in their classrooms. Therefore, they will not spend time fixing technical difficulties with students’ personal devices in the classroom. They will educate and provide guidance on how to use a device and troubleshoot simple issues, but they will not provide technical support. This responsibility will reside at home with parents/guardians. Teachers will regularly communicate information regarding educational applications and suggest appropriate tools that can be downloaded to personal devices at home. Parents will need to assist their children with downloads if they wish to follow teachers’ suggestions. No applications should be downloaded at school without express instruction from the teacher.

Teachers will present the rules and procedures to the students. Teachers will monitor students to ensure appropriate usage of technology in the classrooms. All activities involving technology will be based upon and support the College and Career Ready Standards.

Enterprise City Schools understands that not every student has his/her own electronic device. To ensure equal accessibility to technology resources, teachers will provide students with technology available within each school. Students will also have the opportunity to work collaboratively. All rules, policies, and procedures will still apply.

Use of Devices

Devices cannot be used, unless directed by school personnel. Students must immediately comply with teachers’ requests to shut down devices or close the screen. Students must put away DEVICES when directed by teachers. Students should not use devices in bathrooms or locker rooms.

Students Will...

* Bring their devices to school fully charged

 Only use headphones and earphones when directed by school personnel

* Not use any technology to harass, threaten, demean, humiliate, intimidate, embarrass or annoy fellow students or others in their community. This unacceptable student behavior, known as cyberbullying, will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.

 Store their personal devices in appropriate areas (book bags, lockers, etc.)

Parental Permission

Students and parents must both sign the Parent/Student Contract at the end of this document in order for a student to bring his/her personal device to school. If parents choose not to allow their student to bring their device, please be aware that it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that the student does not bring a device to school. Click here for the Parent/Student Contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the FAQ page

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